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Our Story

Zimmerman Vineyards opened its doors to the public on June 1, 2007 becoming Randolph County’s first commercial vineyard. While the wine is made off premises it is produced exclusively from grapes grown on site. Zimmerman Vineyards is a family owned and operated business, now managed by siblings Lauren, Shane and Adriaan Zimmerman, and their respective spouses Megan Griffin and Alex Myers. 

Zimmerman Vineyards wine labels depict an image, of Sisyphus, the Greek mythological King of Corinth, who was forever condemned to pushing a great boulder uphill. We mirror our experiences to those of Sisyphus with one exception, that our efforts have been goal-driven and have led us to the realization of a dream.


Lauren Zimmerman


Shane Zimmerman


Adriaan Zimmerman


Megan Griffin


Alex Myers

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