White Wines

Zimmerman 2014 White Merlot

2014 White Merlot: A lively, refreshing medium-bodied wine with a depth of fresh fruit flavors balanced with good acidity.  It is a Provence style Rosé, which is not overly sweet and considered a DRY wine. Some cheeses go better with white wine, some with red; yet almost all pair well with dry rosé, which has the acidity of white wine and the fruit character of red.  Perfect hot weather drinking!

Similar to a crisp dry Pinot Grigio and will go with similar food, principally light salads, light pasta and rice dishes, especially with seafood, raw and lightly cooked shellfish and grilled fish and goats’ cheeses. 

Zimmerman 2014 Chardonnay

2014 Chardonnay:  A very lightly oaked Chardonnay as opposed to a crisp, more acidic offering.  Malolactic fermentation was allowed to take place, thus making it relatively medium bodied but with very interesting flavor. The light and delicate flavor of our Chardonnay allows it to pair with a variety of foods. From the fanciest to the simplest you can count on this wine to pair well. 

Pairs with shellfish like crab and prawns, steamed or grilled fish, simple salmon preparations, fish, chicken or vegetable terrines and pasta or risotto with spring vegetables.  Simple summer salads with chicken, ham or cheese garnished with peach, mango or macadamia nuts.

Case Discounts

1/4 Case (3 bottles) – 10% Discount

1/3 Case (4 bottles) – 15% Discount

1/2 Case (6 bottles) – 20% Discount

Full Case (12 bottles) – 25% Discount